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For only $10, you will get access to the first 3 modules of Level 2: Build Your Brand Story. This trial covers topics like:

  • How To Ground Your Business In Value
  • How To Narrow Down Your Target Market (This is a super valuable, mindset-shifting lesson! Great for anyone struggling to attract the right audience, or trying to sell anything but only hearing crickets)

And here's the extra gift: If, within your 30-day trial, you decide that you want to upgrade to the FULL class... get this -- YOU DON'T NEED TO PAY IN FULL. We will subtract the $10 trial fee you paid, and you'll just pay the rest of the balance.

So, let me illustrate that in an example:
Let's say you get the free trial today and pay $10. After 3 days and going through the lessons - you decide that you want to learn more -- you get to upgrade to the full class for only $65 (instead of the full $75).

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