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If you loved the Purpose-Driven Branding course and community, and you’re sad that it’s ending, but would love to extend your experience of accountability & learning all the way until the end of 2017… this is for you.

I’m determined to FINISH 2017 STRONG, and I want to share the momentum with a small, inner circle of creatives.

I’m looking for 20 people to join us for our VIP Community 2.0 (improved from your feedback!), which will run from October to December 2017.

If you join us for VIP Community 2.0, you get the following:

  • Content calendars from October to December: That means you won’t run out of strategic content ideas for 3 whole months! No need to be in scramble mode all the time, frantically thinking of what to post, what caption to write, or whether your post is worth posting at all
  • Accountability teams for Instagram posting
  • A new and improved chat group: Ever had a burning, confusing solopreneur question -- and no one to ask for advice? Ever had a really vulnerable story of overwhelm or failure or struggle -- and with no one to share it to who gets it? This chat group is meant to be your safe space where you run to for brand/biz SOS moments, or when you’re feeling confused or stuck or overwhelmed by overthinking. It’s a place where you can share stories without judgment, and get connected with other people who get you and share in your struggles.
  • An in-person, interactive design thinking workshop this October 21, 1-4PM, Makati on Designing Your Day: Productivity Systems for the Creative Entrepreneur
    • This design thinking workshop in itself is worth PHP 4,000!
    • It’s a grand meetup + hangout AND learning experience, rolled into one. You get to meet other people who are part of the #PDBchallenge (and me + The Purposeful Creative team), in the flesh! -- and you get to do so in a fun, interactive, class context.


I’m a total beginner… is this a good fit for me?

The way we’ve developed the community activities is not really to cater to a level of expertise, or even a level of revenue -- but more to people with a certain level of commitment.

Commitment to an idea: This is for you if you already know what you’re pursuing. This is not for you if you’re just dabbling in several different ideas, and have no idea what yet to focus on.

Commitment to action & creation: This is for you if you have an existing brand, blog, website, shop, school, product, service, freelance career -- that you’ve launched, and is up and running, and you’re committed to it. This is not for you if you have absolutely nothing created yet.

Commitment to community: This is for you if you want to be a participative member of a community. This is not for you if you could care less about participating in the community activities.

How is this different from the original VIP community?

We’re changing the way we do the Instagram challenge! We’ve been observing and gathering insights about how people interact with the content, and we’re introducing new ways to maximize engagement and participation.

We’re also transforming the Facebook group with new parameters and new community guidelines, so that it won’t be intrusive (we know everyone’s busy!), and it will be a good complement to our Instagram challenge.

We’ll have one grand meetup instead of many small ones (so EVERYONE can meet each other), and in true The Purposeful Creative fashion, it will also be a learning experience! I’ll be teaching the most-requested workshop: _____.

Will you be selling tickets to the 1-day workshop separately?

We’re considering selling tickets outside of the PDB VIP 2.0 community ONLY IF we have spots left. Our maximum capacity for the workshop is 30, and if we have 30 VIP 2.0 challengers, then we will no longer be selling tickets separately.

If we do have extra spots, a workshop ticket will cost P 4,000 (only a few hundred pesos cheaper than participating in the full community experience).

When does enrollment end?

Doors close on October 6, 11:59PM.

How is the course delivered?

The content calendars will be released through Teachable, as always. The workshop will be in Makati, specific venue TBA, and it will be on October 22, 1-5PM.

Do you have a refund policy?

For the content calendar package (without the community), there will be no refunds available.

Refunds will be honored for the VIP Community 2.0, as long as it is requested within 7 days of purchase.

I have a question that wasn’t answered here.

We have answers! Don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at

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