My Bravest Year Ever Workbook

A Purposeful Guide To Creating A 1-Year Life Plan (that pushes you out of your comfort zone & into a life of courage and fulfillment)

What's inside:

  • A printable workbook to help you plan and visualize your whole year -- and make it your bravest year ever
  • And because it's printable - you can use and reuse for ALL years to come (unlike those Starbucks planners, which you need to buy every single year)
  • Comes with journaling prompts & guide questions to help you do a comprehensive (adulting) roadmap for your life
  • Monthly and quarterly progress trackers: A full template of questions + rating systems so you can do a review of your goals/growth/progress every end of the month
  • A Braver Goals calendar to plot out your big goals for the year
  • BONUS! You will receive monthly reminder e-mails from The Purposeful Creative team, to keep you accountable to do your monthly reviews for the rest of 2019 ;)

“This workbook’s monthly reviews/goal trackers always, ALWAYS help me get my sh*t together every month.”

- Rizza Lana, Braver Goals alumna

This course is not yet open for enrollment.

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This course is not yet open for enrollment.