How to Focus Your Goals: Especially when you want too many things at once


Are you in a total mid-year slump?

Do you want to know the keys to prioritizing your goals & getting back on track for 2016? What about how to classify your goals & choose which ones to focus on first? Need help with battling overwhelm & overthinking?

In this free 3-part video training, you'll learn how to classify your goals, choose which ones to work on right now, and pursue them with laser-sharp focus.
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Your Coach

Arriane Serafico
Arriane Serafico

My name is Arriane, and over the past 5 years, I have taken control & designed my own career around Passion Projects that combine Creativity with a bigger Purpose -- and have found many different ways to actually earn a living from that intersection.

I have done creative and design work with: social enterprises, non-government organizations, the Senate of the Philippines and other government departments, and several startups.

Throughout my career, I have launched and completed many passion projects that activated creativity, design, and women empowerment for a bigger cause (fundraisers, advocacy campaigns, conferences, passing a national law).

You may see a few of those projects here.

You may also view my TEDx talk here: 'Using Creativity for Nation-Building, and most of my press features here.

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