The Follow Through Workshop (Braver Goals: Level 2)

A crash course on how to launch a passion project: For unorganized overthinkers who lack focus and follow through

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  • A FREE Personal Budgeting Power-Spreadsheet with complete walk-through videos that will teach you, step-by-step, how to use it. This power spreadsheet help you plan your non-negotiable spending, your priorities, as well as budget for extras & treats.


  • 3 How-To Videos in Your Toolkit:
    1. Video #1: How to automate your goals to reach your money and fitness goals
    2. Video #2: How to pick a passion project when you have way too many ideas
    3. Video #3: How to articulate your idea so you can confidently share it to other people
  • 5 Case Studies
    1. Share your idea confidently: How to promote your project on social media without feeling sleazy
    2. Find like-minded people: How I organized a small meetup and found like-minded people
    3. Find your purpose: How I asked other people to help me identify my purpose + expertise
    4. Passion to Profit: 4 ways you can turn a blog into a profitable passion project
    5. How to organize your very first profitable workshop

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