[VERY IMPORTANT] Don't start this course without doing this

First, A Note on Terms of Services


When you purchase this course, you agree not to distribute this course in part or entirety.

  • This includes (but is not limited to) taking my information and distributing it through your own blog posts, ebooks, courses, and worksheets.
  • Screenshots of worksheets and slides are also not allowed. You may, however, share (tweet/instagram/facebook) quotes or lines or valuable learnings that strike you most from this course. Credit will be much, much appreciated!
  • Any repurposing of this content is prohibited.

Memberships are purchased for one person only. Sharing memberships is prohibited and course access will be immediately revoked.

I use a very robust third-party platform to host this course, but in the event that servers crash (this happens to the best of 'em, even Twitter and Airbnb), and the course site goes down, notify me (or I will notify you), and I will keep you updated when the platform is up and running again. Basically, we don’t control the universe. And the Internet's servers. But we do our best ;)

Second, A Note on Lesson Formats

Most lessons are in video form, but some simpler modules are in purely text form.

For those of you with slower internet connections, I've also included downloadable audio versions of the video lessons with video -- a smaller MP4 file will hopefully be much easier for you to stream or download. (Another idea: You can also download these audio files, and listen to them while you're on your commute, or stuck in traffic!)

Set yourself up for success by MAKING time for this course, not just finding time for it

Because this course is self-directed, there is the tendency for many people to procrastinate, delay, or stall when going through the lessons. Believe me, I witnessed it in my first few online students who road-tested this course.

They watched a lesson or two, delayed the others, so they didn’t gain momentum, then things got busy, and then they forgot all about it - and then they have to start all over again.


And so I came up with suggested tracks that you can take. But first…

Estimated Time to Complete the Whole Class:

Videos = 3 hours
Worksheets + Activities = 5-7 hours

Estimated time needed to complete each lesson (these are approximate times based on beta testers, but you may complete them at your own pace):

  • Introduction: 15 minutes
  • Lesson 1: 30 minutes for lessons + 1 hour for worksheets
  • Lesson 2: 30 minutes for lessons + 1 hour for worksheets
  • Lesson 3: 45 minutes for lessons + 1.5 hour for worksheets
  • Lesson 4: 45 minutes for lessons + 1.5 - 2 hours for worksheet/calendar
  • Lesson 5: 30 minutes for lessons + 30 minutes for worksheets

Other important recommendations:

  • I would recommend you do Lessons 1 & 2 in one sitting (called a sprint).
    • They're made to be taken in partnership with each other, so your thoughts and ideas are fresh, and will flow well with each other.
  • Getting through Lesson 1 & 2 as quickly as you can is CRUCIAL to building momentum.
    • Finishing Lesson 2 is the tipping point for goal-setting. So if you can set aside 2-3 hours of uninterrupted quiet reflection and planning time to sit yourself down and complete these 2 lessons, it will be much easier to get excited about the next lessons.
  • Lesson 4 is where all the work-intensive action happens.
    • So make sure you also block off focused, uninterrupted time for that!

Choose from one of these recommended tracks

These are just recommendations and sample calendars, just to guide you through how you can design your own class schedule.

Steady Track:
For people only available on weekends
Complete the course in 4 weeks

  • Today: Introduction (15 minutes)
  • Weekend Sprint 1: Lesson 1 & 2 (3 hours)
  • Weekend Sprint 2: Lesson 3 & half of Lesson 4 (3 hours)
  • Weekend Sprint 3: Lessons 4-5 and Officially Start Project! (3 hours)

What your calendar can look like:

Fast Track:
For people available on weekends and an hour on weeknights
Complete the course in 10 days

  • Today: Introduction (15 minutes) & Lesson 1 (1.5 hours)
  • Jan. 11-15: Lesson 2 & 3 (45 minutes per night)
  • Jan. 16-17: Lesson 4 (3 hours)
  • Jan. 18: Lesson 5 (1 hour)
  • Jan. 19: Officially start project!

What your calendar can look like:

Zoom Track:
Can’t wait to get started
Complete the course in 1 week! (HIGH FIVE!)

  • Today: Introduction (15 minutes)
  • Jan. 10: Lessons 1 & 2 (3 hours)
  • Jan. 11-15: Lessons 3 & 4 (1 hour a night)
  • Jan. 16: Lesson 5 and Start Your Project (1 hour)

What your calendar can look like:

The very important action step

Once you’ve chosen your track, I want you to do this:

Go to your calendar ASAP, and mark the EXACT DAYS (and if possible, EXACT TIMES) that you will work on the course.

then come back to this page.

Don't come back to this page
'til you've marked off
your calendar.
I mean it.

I want you to treat this as a sacred schedule.

Put it in your mobile calendar, desktop calendar, desk calendar, 2016 planner — all the calendars you have. DO NOT allow yourself or anyone else to schedule over it.

Make it a promise and a commitment to yourself, and trust that you won’t break it.

Then leave a comment below with what track you’re taking! :)